depressionDepression and other mental health issues have been in the media a lot lately. I know firsthand that depression must be taken seriously and battled with all the weapons in our modern arsenal.

This graphic was created to give a small idea of what depression is like for those who suffer with it.

Depression is a disease, just like cancer.
It is malignant and wants to kill me.
So stop expecting me to snap out of it.
Help me, please.
I want to live, even though I feel like I want to die.

If you know someone who is suffering with depression, be patient and understanding without being judgmental. Do what you can to help. Even a small act of support and encouragement can mean a lot to someone who is depressed.

If you are depressed yourself, get help now. There are therapies and medications that can ease the pain, both mental and physical, that accompanies depression.

Stay hopeful. You and your loved ones will get through this.

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