• Roadblocks To Believing In Yourself
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    Roadblocks to Believing In Yourself

    Belief in yourself is often considered to be an essential prerequisite to success. But if you have low self-esteem, it’s not easy to believe in yourself. You may struggle to step outside of your comfort zone and look for a way to make your life better. You may believe that you don’t have the means to better yourself or that you don’t deserve a better life. Getting rid of these roadblocks to believing in yourself is critical. You really can change your life. But first you have to identify what’s holding you back. Here are three common self-esteem killers that can keep you from living out your true potential. Roadblocks…

  • First Steps to Improving Self Esteem
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    The First Steps to Improving Your Self-Esteem

    Self-esteem is how you view yourself. It’s the lens you look through when you consider who you are. If you have low self-esteem, you may view yourself in a negative way. For example, instead of thinking about how you have the gift for communication, you see yourself as someone who just can’t shut up. Having good self-esteem allows you to value and be thankful for the gifts and talents you’ve been given, instead of berating yourself for what you don’t have. When you have low self-esteem, it’s easy to fixate on your flaws. But you don’t have to let low self-esteem destroy your confidence. There are simple steps to improving…

  • Grow in confidence sleep well
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    How to Grow in Confidence – Sleep Well

    Do you ever have trouble sleeping? I do, especially since hitting perimenopause. I am thrilled to have had a great night’s sleep last night, but this, unfortunately, is an exception. When you don’t get enough sleep you can be sluggish and cranky the next day. This doesn’t exactly help you look or feel more confident! So, how can you help yourself to sleep better? Here are a few tricks that might make a difference. . Unplug to Sleep Well In our highly connected world, one of the best ways to ensure that you sleep well at night is to unplug well before bedtime. Stop texting on your phone, surfing the…

  • Anti Aging Benefits of Exercise
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    Anti Aging Benefits of Exercise

    We all know that exercise keeps us healthy and fit. However, exercise does more than just keep our body in good physical condition. It acts in many ways to delay or mitigate some of the physical, mental and emotional effects of aging. Along the way, it also helps us look and feel younger! Creams, lotions, moisturizers and other products applied to the skin may feel good, but they only work (or at least we hope they do) on the ‘outside’. Exercise helps defy the aging signs from the inside out. . Smarter Brain There is scientific evidence which shows that aerobic exercises does improve memory retention and learning abilities. Walking…

  • turn your weaknesses into strengths
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    Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths

    Do you ever look back on something you once thought was difficult, only to realize that now it’s easy for you? The growth mindset concept says that we don’t start out in life with strengths set in stone. We start with an empty slate, so it’s possible for you to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Thanks for visiting! My purpose here at NormaEsler.com is to serve my readers and also to fund my efforts by selling and recommending products that inspire and help you. Sign up here: Get Inspired to get a daily dose of inspiration delivered to your email inbox. Build your online business with HomeFreeMedia: