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How to Grow in Confidence – Improve Your Self Talk

How we think determines how we live, so it makes sense that changing how we think has the power to change how we live.

If you improve how you think, you will improve your self talk. If you improve your self talk, you will improve how you think.

Although this is not exactly news, as most of us have known this for a while, I still need to work at putting it into practice.

Every once in a while I catch myself in nasty, negative self talk.

– Hurry up, Norma.
– How stupid!
– What an idiot!
– Oh, duh!
– How could I be so stupid!

If this is how I think about myself and talk about myself (to myself), then how can I expect to live the successful life that I want to live?

Think about what is Good and Positive

When I look at all that I have accomplished, I am thrilled to say that many of my dreams have come true.

I am married to a wonderful man who loves and encourages me. My children are grown and thriving. I am living my dream of earning my living by teaching and writing. I am an accomplished musician, bilingual, etc., etc.

Yet in spite of all the positives I can list, I still catch myself in negative self talk.

So, I am putting my affirmation out there and sharing it with the world.

Use Positive Affirmation to Improve Your Self Talk

  • I am not going to let fear and doubt hold me back.
  • I know and have experienced the love of God in my life and I am trusting in that love to get me through.
  • I will no longer be fearful and self-conscious. From now on, I will work diligently, with courage and conviction.
  • I am brave and determined.
  • I am bold and confident.
  • I am fearless and unstoppable.
  • I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. (Phil. 4:13)

Enjoy the affirmation. I hope you will share it and share in it.

It is time that we move forward and not hold ourselves back any longer.

I am strong and courageous.

I will be strong and more courageous, as God gives me strength.

If you improve how you think, you will improve your self talk. If you improve your self talk, you will improve how you think.

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