Are you feeling stuck?

Have you ever found yourself in an endless loop of always setting the same goals and resolutions and never getting anywhere?

You know that you need to be writing down your goals and tracking them.

You know that there are things that you need to be doing on a regular basis to actually hit those goals.

And yet it always seems like life gets in the way. Things happen. You find yourself taking stock in December and asking, “Where did the time go?”

It’s depressing to look back on the year and see that you haven’t quite accomplished all that you had hoped.

I know because I’ve been there! I’ve found that the only way to hit those goals and build those necessary success habits is to be specific about what you want, decide what you need to do to get there, and track your progress relentlessly.

Life is full of distractions

But it’s not easy! Life is full of distractions, both good and bad. Good distractions are things like new babies (in my case grandchildren), yet another awesome business idea, moving, getting married, etc.

Bad distractions are things like illness, accidents, bereavement, stress, etc. And it seems we all have our fair share of these! I could write my list here, and so could you, I’m sure.

The ups and downs of life can knock you off track and leave you sitting in the dust wondering what happened.

So how can you stay positive and focused when things just aren’t going the way you want them to?

I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks that work for me and I’ve been offering help to those who need training and encouragement getting through the rough patches of life and business.

I’ve made it my mission in my business to be an inspiration to all those I encounter, and to provide the training as well as the tools needed to help others get past their distractions and have the success they dream of.

I’m here to help!

For a limited time, I’m offering coaching on a pay-as you-go model. We’ll meet once a week to discuss your business needs and evaluate your progress over the previous week.

Who am I? – Norma Allen Esler

I’ve been selling online since 1997. I have experience in teaching, self-publishing, event management, website hosting, WordPress, and homeschooling. I come at life with a Christian worldview that includes grace, mercy, fairness, and understanding.

What does that mean for you?

I’m knowledgable in many areas that are useful to move your business forward and… I have a ton of patience. 🙂

Look around this site and to get an idea of who I am and decide if I’d be a good fit as your coach.

For $95 USD per 45 minute session or $120 USD per 60 minute session, you’ll be able to get help in your choice of the following areas:

  • website evaluation and recommendations
  • accountability coaching
  • software recommendations
  • life coaching

Contact me using the form below and we will set up a time to meet via Zoom. Please note that I am in Eastern Time, in Canada.

I’m cheering for you,

Norma Esler

Recommended by Connie Ragen Green
I’ve been partnering with Norma on our “eCourses with PLR” project and she has my highest recommendation and “Green Seal of Approval.” My own Mentor program is currently full and I cannot think of anyone else I would trust to guide you towards a successful and lucrative business online other than Norma Esler.

Norma Esler

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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We will meet using my Crikle video conferencing app as it allows for screen sharing and recording our sessions for your future reference. Other possibilities are the phone apps FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Coaching Call with Norma – $95 USD per 45 minute session

Website Consultation with Norma – $120 USD per 60 minute session