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Winning Every Day

Win in Your Work and Personal Life Every Day

There are a lot of of books that can teach you how to have a productive day. Many of these are on based on routines you should practice in the morning, on the theory that if you win the morning, you’ve won the day.

While all that sounds good, the truth is that life isn’t always as predictable as that. Unexpected things can happen at any time. Or maybe you’re just a night owl. You might not be your best in the morning. You could have family obligations that keep you occupied at the beginning of your day.

So, trying to win the morning to win the day might not be the right approach for you. We are all unique. However, it’s important that you should have a win every single day in both your home and work life.

The size of the win isn’t as important as the fact that you win something. Let’s look at this in greater detail.

3 important tasks a day

Set yourself 3 important work-related tasks to complete every single day. Sometimes these tasks may be difficult and you may only be able to complete one.

That’s fine. It’s still your work-related win for the day. If you can finish all 3 tasks, that’s even better.

The tasks you choose should be the ones that matter the most to your work or business. Don’t confuse busy work with important work.

Try not to give yourself more than 3 tasks a day. A very common mistake people make is to put too many items on the to do list. It becomes so overwhelming and their efforts are so scattered that nothing is ever completed and no real progress is made.


Spend 20 to 30 minutes exercising daily. This is one of the best wins of the day for your personal life. There are no hard rules here. As long as you get more activity into your day, you’re winning.

You may choose to swim, cycle, run, do yoga, rock climbing, walking, Zumba, etc. What matters is that you get your heart rate up and break a sweat.

If 20 minutes seems too much for you, just aim for 5 minutes. You can increase the duration by 1 minute daily until you’re working out for 30 minutes a day. Once exercise becomes a habit, you’ll never look back.

Relationship building

Do at least one thing every single day to strengthen your relationship with your family. Bring your spouse out for dinner or spend an hour talking to him/her.

Ask your kids about their day and show that you’re just as excited about their interests as them. This relationship building activity is also a win that’s of paramount importance.


Take some time to relieve your stress. Read for a bit, spend time in prayer, or just listen to some music. The activity doesn’t matter as much as how it makes you feel.

Engage in an activity that takes your mind off the stresses at work or your life. This brief respite from the challenges of life will energize you and give you the strength to keep going.

Every day… do something to make your life better.

The points above are all small wins that may not seem like much. However, over time, they can be life-transforming. Their benefits compound over time and should never be underestimated.

Strive to achieve a win in your work life and personal life every single day. You can do this! And your confidence and self-esteem will increase by leaps and bounds when you do.

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winning every day

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