My Inspired Year Weekly Planner

2018 is ready for you!

My Inspired Year Weekly Planner is not just for planning your life. It is also for improving your life. I want to inspire you to make 2018 your best year yet! To do that, ways to make your life better are built right into My Inspired Year planner.

There are places to track your goals, help you develop habits to improve your life, and just keep track of those everyday things that we all need a planner for. The coil binding makes it easy to use.

Includes the last quarter of 2017 for your convenience.

Have your best year ever with My Inspired Year!

Special Introductory Price $19.95 CAD

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Paperback. Coil binding. 132 Pages.
Click here to order and for more information. Price in Canadian dollars does not include shipping and any applicable taxes.

Also available in a downloadable version.


Unwrapping My Inspired Year 2017


I know, this video is from last year, but the benefits described also apply to the 2018 edition. New this year: the last quarter of 2017 is included, and special training in how to get the most benefit from your planner is available at MyInspiredYear.com.

Give Yourself Credit for Your Accomplishments

Give Yourself Credit for Your Accomplishments

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How to Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat

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Surprising Time Management Secrets

Surprising Time Management Secrets

One certainty in life is that time is limited. While no one is sure how many years they’ll be given to finish doing what they want to do, everything is equal for each day you are given. Everyone has the same 24-hour day to dream, determine goals, and complete tasks...

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Choose Your Words Carefully

Choose Your Words Carefully

Note: This is a follow-up to the previous post: Growth Mindset How-To's Now that you have examined how choosing your thoughts makes an impact on your growth and potential, you can also take a look at another area in your life. Firstly, however, take a moment to...

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