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Healthy Cooking – Grilling – Baking – Broiling

techniques for healthy cooking - grilling baking broilingWhen it comes to healthy cooking, several methods that give great taste and good health are grilling, baking, and broiling.

None of these methods add extra fat to your food and they all impart a wonderful flavour and texture to your meals.


One of the healthiest ways to cook is to use your grill. Here in Canada, many people grill outdoors year round, even during the cold and snows of winter.

Most outdoor grills use charcoal or propane gas. Gas grilling is quicker than using charcoal, but doesn’t have the same flavour as charcoal.

Grilling can also be done indoors. There are many indoor grill models available for purchase.

Indoor grills won’t give you the smoky flavour that you get from outdoor grilling outdoors over charcoal. However, they do help you to eliminate extra fat from cooking and allow you to cook foods quickly.

Baking and Broiling

Using your oven to bake or broil is another option. Old fashioned baking and broiling produces delicious food without having to add excess fat.

Baking is the process of cooking your food evenly in the oven. With baking, you get a constant temperature and your oven will cut off and on to keep that steady temperature.

When you broil food, you use only the top element of your electric oven or the lower broiler drawer of your gas oven.

With broiling, the top element stays on constantly. Cooking the food from above like this can produce the same type of effect as grilling your food.

You’ll have to turn the pieces of meat or other things you are broiling over in order to get consistent cooking on both sides. You’ll also need a broiler pan that allows fat to drip through to the bottom away from your food.

Broiling works well for cooking steaks and other types of meat. Broiling cooks your food very quickly, so you need to pay close attention so that your food doesn’t overcook or burn.

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