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Twiggy is the new normal


I am old enough to remember the 1960’s. Yes, I was just a kid, but I remember the Vietnam war, Walter Cronkite on the evening news, and the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. I also remember the semi-scandalous splash that was made back then by a young fashion model named Twiggy.

Women’s clothing in the 1960’s was colourful. Skirts were appallingly short, or long, depending upon your tastes. The motto was pretty much “anything goes,” as long as it was daring and bright.

Into the midst of all this, came a young model from the U.K. who called herself Twiggy.

The name, Twiggy, was well chosen. She was shockingly thin, like a twig. Everyone was buzzing about this tiny girl who had become one of the world’s first real supermodels.

They were particularly buzzing about her size. She was smaller than the average model, and that made her newsworthy.

What started me thinking about this was running across a photo of Twiggy from the 1960’s and thinking she was about average size for a model nowadays.

Perhaps we could say that she started it, but since then the tendency has been toward thinner and thinner models. Thankfully, some people in the fashion industry are working to reverse this trend.

The real irony is that normal people, those of us who are not fashion models, are getting bigger and bigger. Obesity has become so prevalent in some societies that it is being labelled an epidemic.

Toward a Better Normal for Everyone

Dieting is big business. It is estimated that Americans alone spend $60 billion a year on various diets and other weight loss products.

And yet obesity is growing. We are aiming for our weight loss goals and the target seems to be retreating into impossibility.

Whatever happened to just eating good food, eating appropriate quantities, and taking care of ourselves so as to stay at a healthy weight?

Whatever happened to acknowledging that we all have a point that is normal for us? What is normal for one person might be overweight, or underweight, for another.

Eat Better – Live Better

Is the best strategy to diet and lose weight, or to live better so that weight is no longer an issue?

It has all become so complicated that we need a road map to keep from getting lost in the hype.

The most realistic plan is to train ourselves to eat better food and more reasonable portions. It can take a lot of work and will power, but it is possible.

Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is the great reward at the end of it all.

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