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Tips for Overcoming Your Fears

Whether they’re rational or not, we all have fears. How you choose to respond in the face of them makes the difference between overcoming your fears and being overcome by them.

It’s easy enough to say, Don’t be afraid. Some individuals are just braver than others by temperament. But when its just you, and you are facing that scary situation, how do you actually deal with your fears?

Here are some tips for overcoming your fears.

Face them Head On

One of the quickest and most efficient ways to overcoming fear is to face it head on in your life. For example, if you need to speak in front of others, the best way to really overcome that fear is to do it and get it over with. These kinds of things can get easier with time and practice.

Another example is if you are a writer and afraid of that first rejection letter. Go ahead and submit anyhow. So many best-selling authors received rejections since the history of time. You aren’t the only one to have experienced this. Go ahead and take action anyhow.

You will find that each experience will make you stronger for the next.

Acknowledge Them

One of the best ways to overcome a fear is to acknowledge it. Do not be ashamed of your fear. Know that it is real and it exists in your life and do not hide it from others. If you are afraid of heights or small spaces, that is nothing to be ashamed of. It is simply part of who you are.

Let others know your fears, especially people you know you can trust. Sometimes a good friend can help you put things into perspective. The sooner you acknowledge those fears, the sooner they lose their power over you.

Take Action

Once you have acknowledged your fears and faced them head on, continue to take small action steps daily to keep those fears in check.

When faced with a choice of the elevator or the stairs, take the elevator if you are afraid of it. Even if it means waiting for someone else to ride up with, do not let your fears be bigger than you are.

Getting them out into the open is always one of the first steps to overcoming your fears. When you can face your fears and acting in spite of them, you have already begun to achieve the victory you desire.


Overcoming your fears

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