• habits and willpower

    Habits and Willpower

    It’s hard to keep up willpower for any length of time. Yes, we can stick to a low-fat 1,000 calorie diet and go hungry for a week or two, but eventually our willpower fades. And yes, we can do exercise we hate for a while… until we run out of…

  • benefits of routine

    The Benefits of Routine and Good Habits

    Have you ever noticed that it gets harder to make decisions toward the end of the day? You’re too tried to figure out what to have for dinner or what to watch on TV. That’s because we all have a finite amount of decisions that we can make in any…

  • how your feelings affect your habits

    How Your Feelings Affect Your Habits

    Have you ever noticed how your feelings affect your habits every day? It’s even true that feeling a certain way can BECOME a habit. And these habits can have an effect on your life even if you aren’t aware of it. For example if you grew up in a home…