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09 – Double Your Chances Of Success – Find A Partner

How would you like to greatly increase your chances of sticking to and reaching your goals? Staying motivated and being accountable are certainly part of it, but by far the best way to make sure you keep going is to find an accountability partner.

Think of this person as your “Partner in Crime”. You both have a similar goal and can work together to do whatever you need to do to get here. Maybe you already have a person like that in mind. If not, here are some ideas for finding your accountability buddy.

Start by sharing with your circle of friends and loved ones what you’re planning to accomplish. This could be getting back in shape, losing weight, quit smoking or living more frugally. If you’re lucky someone will mention that they are trying to accomplish the same thing. If not, they may mention a friend or acquaintance. If that happens, ask to be put in touch and see if the two of you hit it off.

If you can’t find the right partner through your own circle of friends, take a look at what local support groups you can find. Take a class on healthy nutrition, join a walking group or find a local chapter of Smokers Anonymous. All of these are great ways to find other like-minded people. See who you connect with and then bring up the idea of becoming accountability buddies.

Don’t feel like you’re limited to only local people. The Internet has made the world a much smaller place and having an accountability partner that lives a few states or even countries away works just fine. Start by looking for an active and supportive online community for what you’re trying to accomplish. Strike up some conversations and when you find a person you click with, suggest you check in on each other via private message or email to see how you’re doing.

Having the accountability partner will keep you motivated to reach your goals and do what you need to do even when you don’t feel like it. You can also share helpful tips, inspirational images or recipes. Or challenge each other to kick it up a notch and do even better.

No matter how you find your accountability partner and how the two of you interact, you will find he or she will become an invaluable part of your support system and a big part of your success.

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