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05 – It’s Okay To Bribe Yourself With Rewards Along The Way

When you have a big goal it’s hard to stay excited and motivated about it for weeks and months on end. Or maybe it’s something you’re not that excited about in the first place. We all know we should get more active and exercise at least a few times a week. But that doesn’t mean we look forward to it. What do you do to keep going and stay motivated to lace up those running shoes each day?

Your bribe yourself along the way. Think about what would motivate you as a reward. Maybe it’s a fun new T-shirt to wear on your workouts, maybe it is pizza and a movie after a week of working out each day. Be careful about food rewards if losing weight or eating healthier is your goal. Pick a reward that doesn’t involve food like getting your hair done or relaxing on the couch watching your favorite TV show instead.

Start by figuring out what your bribe will be. Feel free to mix and match. The goal here is to keep yourself motivated. Then figure out what you need to do to “deserve” your special reward. Make it a challenge, but keep it attainable.

Work hard to reach your mini goal and then celebrate and enjoy your reward. Rinse and repeat until you reach your end goal. Keep a visual reminder of your reward around if you find it helpful. Cut out a picture of that cute hair cut you’re going to get once you lose the next five pounds.

Or spend a few minutes browsing through Netflix each evening after your workout contemplating what movies or shows you’ll watch while you veg on the couch this weekend.

Or order those movie tickets and keep them stuck to your bathroom mirror as a reminder each morning of what you’re working for.

Pick your bribes and put them to work. See if having that little carrot dangle in front of you won’t get you to stick to your resolution. If one particular bribe just doesn’t seem to keep you motivated, feel free to switch it up and try something else. Just be careful you don’t sabotage your progress with your bribe.

Using food as reward when you’re trying to lose weight might not be a good idea, or getting a bottle of wine as a reward for not smoking all week may not be the best choice if you’re more likely to light up after you’ve had a drink. Use common sense and just try it. See what ends up motivating you the most and keep using those bribes.

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