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More Myths About Aging

Have some fun debunking these common myths about aging.

Myths And Facts Of Aging

Myth: Old People Lose Their Brain Power

Fact: Wisdom Comes With Age

University of California and Columbia University researchers found that subjects in their 60s and 70s did better on various tests than their 20-somethings counterparts. While the younger group was able to manipulate and process information faster, the older subjects benefited from a long life of education and life experience, and they were more focused, patient.

Myth: Old People Are Cranky

Fact: Happiness Grows With Age

Levels of life satisfaction often hit bottom in our 40s and then increase as we age to our 60s, a pattern known as the happiness U-curve. A Stanford University study found that our emotional peak in life may not happen until out 70s.

Myth: All Old People Are Alike

Fact: Seniors Are More Different Than Alike

All seniors are unique and molded by their individual experiences. Some are ultra healthy, while others have chronic disease. Some are “old” at 60 and “young” at 80. Everyone ages emotionally, physically and spiritually at different rates.

Myth: Old People Are Uncreative And Unproductive

Fact: Old People are Active And Productive

Older people have the freedom to develop their creative side more than the young do and to choose how they spend their day, including remaining productive and active in their senior years.

Myth: Life Span Depends On Genes

Fact: Life Span Depends More On Lifestyle Choices

Our thoughts, emotions, and lifestyle choices along with stress coping skills determines how long we live and the quality of our lives more so than genetics.

Myth: The Body Will Get Frail And Fall Apart

Fact: Many Seniors Are Strong, Healthy And Vibrant

Chronological age does not determine biological age; this depends on health, diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices, preventative care throughout life and many other factors.

Myth: Old People Have No Energy

Fact: Older People Can Have More Energy Than The Young

Human energy levels depend more on overall health, and lifestyle choices than chronological age. Good fitness choices, meditation, and healthy diet improve energy levels as we age.

Myth: Old People Never Have Sex

Fact: People Enjoy Sex Even In Old Age

While testosterone levels do diminish as we age, the human sex drive is primarily mental. It is often disease; fatigue and stress that interfere with sex drive more than chronological age.

Myth: All Old People Have Dementia

Fact: Most Seniors Never Have Dementia

Dementia is not a normal part of aging, but a disease affecting the brain and nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s disease that afflicts 5% of people over 65.

Myth: Retirement Is Always Golden

Fact: Retirement Is Often Dark

Many seniors face poverty, social isolation, grief, less control over their own lives and physical decline. Suicide rates are higher in people age 65 + than in younger people.

Conclusion: You can’t always believe the myths about aging. Maintaining a great attitude will go a long way toward enjoying life, even into your old age.

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