DO the things you are Capable of doing
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Do the Things You Are Capable of Doing

It’s sad to see that so many talented people fail to get ahead in life. Often, they are held back by fear of failure, fear of not being good enough or, strangely, fear of success.

Who knows why we let ourselves be limited in this way. We hesitate. We procrastinate. We make excuses that even we ourselves don’t believe. So we never step up, but rather, hold back and hide in the shadows.

Instead, why not do the things you are capable of doing and find yourself on the road to success.

Be an encourager!

We all lose out when even one person is unable to live up to his or her potential. So, starting today, let’s all determine to become encouragers. Help those around you be all that they can be.

And while we’re at it, let’s determine as well to be our own best cheerleaders. Be honest. Life gets discouraging sometimes. Don’t let that be an excuse for yourself or for someone you care for!

You can do it! What are you waiting for?

Get out there and write that article. Paint that picture. Call that old friend and reconnect. Do the thing that you have been putting off. Or the thing that you are afraid of.

If we all did the things were are capable of, not only would we astound ourselves, we would change the world for the better.

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