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06 – Set Mini Goals You Can Reach Quickly

Big goals are good things to have. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious. What if you’ve made a goal so big that you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to get started and/or keep going? Perhaps everything was going well for a few weeks, but then your motivation started to slip. And with it bad habits started creeping back up. What you need is a fresh boost of motivation.

I have just the thing for you. Think of it as a motivational hack. It’s all about setting mini goals that you can reach quickly. Here’s what will happen when you reach each mini goal along the way.

It Makes You Feel Successful

If feels good when you reach a goal, doesn’t it? It’s internal positive reinforcement. You cheer yourself on and get all pumped up. Why not take advantage of that great feeling of success throughout your journey to reach your big goal. Set those mini goals and celebrate reaching each milestone.

If you’re working on losing quite a bit of weight, you may want to set mini goals of losing 5 pounds. Celebrate each time you reach that next mini goal and bask in your success. Use the motivation to tackle those next few pounds.

It Shows You That You’re Making Progress

Reaching each mini goal also means you’re a step closer to your end goal. You’re making actual, measurable progress. It’s easy to lose sight of that when you’re dealing with a bigger task or a large number. Those mini goals are visual proof that you’re moving in the right direction.

If you’re quitting smoking for example, checking off each day without a cigarette can be very motivating. But as you reach Day 43, it doesn’t seem very different from reaching Day 34. Set weekly and later monthly goals along the way to make sure you continue to see progress.

It Gives You A Boost of Confidence

Seeing that success and progress gives you a big boost of confidence. And rightfully so. You’re putting in the work and you are seeing the results. You should be proud. Put that confidence to good use. You’ve got this.

Don’t be afraid to share your success with loved ones. Getting praise for reaching each mini goal can boost your confidence even further. And don’t forget to give yourself a big pat on the back as well.

All three factors combine to give you enough of a motivational boost to keep going. Give it a try and see if setting mini goals works for you.

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