My Winter Serenity Prayer

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My Winter Serenity Prayer

This winter, we have had a ton of snow here in the Niagara peninsula where I live. There are four foot (and higher) snowbanks everywhere. We have been shoveling to get out of the driveway to go to work and risking our necks on slippery steps and sidewalks for months now.

We all have had enough of winter. My last post here was a celebration of the fact that we are approaching the warmer weather of spring.

And yet…

This very morning, I looked out my window at giant flakes of snow coming down and fell in love with winter all over again.

Snow is a beautiful thing. It covers up all the nastiness and dirt and makes everything beautiful, at least for a little while. (See my post here, for more on this.)

There would be no point in shaking my fist at the snow as it falls, whether I have to shovel it or not.

So I am determined to enjoy the snow while it is here, celebrate the spring, and just decide to enjoy whatever the weather throws at me. I can’t control it anyhow.

Seems to me that’s a good life lesson. Be flexible about the things you can’t change, especially the unavoidable setbacks. Be adaptable. Keep open to the new experiences of each day. God help me to do these things. This my winter serenity prayer.

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