My Petite Miche Bag
I love the convenience of having my Petite Miche Bag. In case you don’t know, Miche purses are designed with interchangeable shells (covers) that allow you to easily change the look of your handbag without going through the trouble of moving and rearranging all your things.

Simply choose the style and colour you want, change to your new shell and go! All this in three seconds or less.

The graphic above features some of my favourite shells for my Petite Miche Bag. The Petite is the smallest of the Miche purses and is perfect for a night out or a long day’s shopping when you don’t want to carry a large handbag.

The green, black, and grey shell at the top is called Norma. Isn’t that a great name? 🙂

The lovely, summery orange shell is Colton.

The white beauty is Arial.

The black bag with the cool jungle cat textured pattern is Mikah.

The gorgeous cranberry red shell is named Alice.

Miche Bags are sold by Independent Miche Representatives, of which I am one. Find out more about my Miche business and how you can earn free product by hosting a Miche party for your friends.

Photos are of my own Petite Miche Bag, taken by my daughter, Lisa.

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