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New from HomeFreeMedia

HomeFree means being free to make your home and your values the center of your life. It means not being at the mercy of someone else’s priorities and someone else’s idea of what you should have and how you should live.

This might mean choosing to work at home. Or gardening to feed your family. Or homeschooling your children.

When you can create your own income and produce your own food, you are free to make your own choices. Visit HomeFreeMedia to learn more.

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    When it comes to building your mailing list, there’s one secret weapon you should definitely be using: PLR content. Private label rights content is an ethical tool that’s easy to implement. Try using it one of these three ways and watch what happens to your list… . Launch Multiple Opt-Ins... Read more »
  • Surprising Facts about PLR Content
    PLR (Private Label Rights) content can be articles, videos, or other content that a writer or marketer creates and sells to their customers. With private label rights, you can use the content as your own and post it online as if you wrote it. You’re free to edit or change... Read more »
  • Why Your Business May Need a New Website
    Many business owners build a website and then kind of forget about it. The website is nothing more than a brochure that people view online after seeing the URL on a business card or in a commercial. That’s unfortunate, because websites can work for you, bringing in business leads 24/7... Read more »
  • SMS Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier
    SMS marketing is a great addition to your marketing mix. But if you really want to be good at it, like many other marketing methods it’s important to find tools that help automate the process. The more you can automate, the more you can focus on true customer engagement and... Read more »
  • Benefits of Cloud-Based Software Programs
    For a time, cloud-based software was known as “software as a service,” or SaaS. Basically cloud-based software is a business model that uses licensing and monthly fees to allow the users to have access to using the software on the owners’ servers. The user will access the software using a... Read more »
  • The Top Five Problems Small Businesses Face and How to Overcome Them
    There’s nothing easy about starting your own business. The road to success is a bumpy one indeed and you’re sure to encounter some problems along the way. There’s no need to worry, however, because every problem has a solution. Just like anything else, building your business is a process that... Read more »
  • What Reaches and Motivates Men to Buy
    When making purchase decisions, men tend to think logically. They determine that there is a problem, search for information, evaluate the alternatives, then make their purchase. Most men are motivated to buy anything based on a perceived need. Once they recognize the need or identify a problem that needs to... Read more »
  • Women Shoppers versus Men Shoppers
    There is a saying that women shop, and men buy. This is somewhat true. Men are more likely to make a faster decision if they believe they’re getting a good value at the moment, while women are more likely to take their time understanding the company’s values in addition to... Read more »
  • How to use SMS to Launch a Product 
    SMS marketing is a flexible form of marketing which is very important today. People use their mobile devices continuously; many even taking them to bed with them. They eat with them and keep them by their side at all times. If you’re a marketer who hasn’t experimented with SMS marketing,... Read more »
  • SMS Marketing Ideas
    There are many benefits to SMS marketing such as increased customer loyalty, wider brand awareness, improved customer relationships, better sales, and the fact that as far as marketing is concerned it’s an inexpensive marketing method. To get started with SMS marketing, you’ll want to get people to sign up. You... Read more »