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HomeFree means being free to make your home and your values the center of your life. It means not being at the mercy of someone else’s priorities and someone else’s idea of what you should have and how you should live.

This might mean choosing to work at home. Or gardening to feed your family. Or homeschooling your children.

When you can create your own income and produce your own food, you are free to make your own choices. Visit HomeFreeMedia to learn more.

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  • Seven Ways to Nurture Existing Customers to Increase Sales
    One of the most important assets you have is your current customers. It’s much less expensive to keep your current customers and turn them into repeat customers than it is to go out and find more customers. This is not to say you should not keep marketing to find new... Read more »
  • What Product Data Feeds Are and How You Can Use Them in Your Business 
    A data feed is a file that contains relevant information about all a merchant’s products and services such as: * Name * Price * Page URL * Image URL * Description * Category * And more A publisher can put the data feed on their website using specialized code to “feed” the products onto the website for their... Read more »
  • What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?
    Put simply, multi-channel marketing is getting the message out about your products and services through many different methods. The goal of multi-channel marketing is to get the information into the hands of as many of your audience as possible. How many channels you use will depend on the ways in... Read more »
  • The Part Outsourcing Plays in Running a Business
    Outsourcing is an important part of running a business efficiently, and it can grow and become more profitable over time. After all, you don’t expect a CEO to do everything on their own; instead they have assistants and experts to do a lot of work for them. This is what... Read more »
  • What Is Earned Media and How Does It Apply to My Business?
    There are three types of exposure available to marketers, namely “owned,” “paid” and “earned.” They are all important to the success of your business, but none is more important than earned media. Earned media is the best exposure you can hope for, and while you do not pay for it,... Read more »
  • Simple Ways to Back Up Your Opinion
    Writing controversial blog posts can boost your blog numbers into the stratosphere, but sometimes not in a way that you’d like. For this reason, it’s important to properly consider the type of blog post that you want to write. You need to ensure that the topic fits neatly into your... Read more »
  • Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan – What’s the Difference?
    The best way to get strategy versus plan straight is to realize that you need to develop goals (strategy) before you can create a plan of action to reach those goals. First you come up with the strategy and goals, and then using the goals you will create the plan.... Read more »
  • How to Use Focus Groups to Your Advantage
    Many large corporations use focus groups to create new products and services. They also use focus groups to improve on products and services that they already offer. Typically someone records the responses from a variety of individuals who have agreed to participate in the research. The responses might be in... Read more »
  • Who Uses Pinterest?
    According to Pinterest demographic data, almost 70 percent of their users are women between the ages of 25 and 34, and about half of them have children. Pinterest users spend about 15 minutes using the service every single day. Pinterest users share a variety of “pins” and create pin boards... Read more »
  • How to Create More Efficient Marketing Systems
    The more you learn about marketing, the better you’re going to become at it – provided you know how to take what you learn and turn it into a system. Every time you do something you will become better if you know how to evaluate success. Here’s how to create... Read more »

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