easy homemade face scrubWinter can be tough on facial skin. I tend to have dry skin to begin with, and the cold winter winds and drying central heating can leave my face dry and flaky.

I was thrilled to come across a great recipe for an easy homemade face scrub that exfoliates my skin without being too harsh.

There are only two ingredients in my modified version of the recipe:

  • a rounded teaspoon of white sugar
  • an equal amount of extra virgin olive oil

Mix these together whenever you need to give your face a good scrub.

To use, rub gently around your face, avoiding the eye area. I like to remove the sugar with a dry facecloth and then moisten the cloth with warm water to rinse off the sugar and oil mixture.

Any excess scrub can be rinsed easily down the drain with warm water.

I was impressed with how soft and smooth this mixture left my face. It is great for use on chapped lips, too.

There are many other more complicated recipes out there, but this easy homemade face scrub, with only two simple ingredients, has certainly won me over.

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