Using Blab – Connecting Live with Your Online Audience

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Using Blab – Connecting Live with Your Online Audience

If you are using the internet for business, there is a new app out there that you should know about.

Blab is a live, interactive video platform that enables you to broadcast live on the internet and interact on screen with your viewers. Using Blab to grow and connect with your audience can be a great way to move your business forward.

The idea is that you advertise your show and your topic and broadcast live over the internet. Interested viewers have the chance to ask questions, comment, and even converse with you in a live stream.

Blab records your conversation so that more people can watch it later. You can then post your blab to your blog or YouTube if you want.

As the host, you are able to choose the extent to which viewers interact.

Here are:

7 Helpful Hints on Using Blab to Grow and Connect with Your Audience

1 – Start with your Twitter Account

You must sign into Blab with a Twitter account, so you will need one to get started. Twitter’s integration with Blab is one of Blab’s selling points.

2 – Set up your Blab Profile

When you set up your Blab profile, be sure to fill in all the profile fields. Choose and upload a photo that is relevant to the topics that you are planning to discuss on your show.

3 – Get the Best Equipment You Can

You want your face to be well-lit and easily visible to your viewers.

A good microphone is a must. Get the best quality microphone and headset that you can afford. It makes all the difference in your broadcast.

4 – Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Up for the Job

You want to have a fast, secure connection so that your show comes through clearly and the signal isn’t dropped.

The best way to do this is to connect right to your router rather than using a wireless connection when you are live.

5 – Plan Your Blab Before You Get Started

Once you start recording, you can pause the recording but can’t stop it until you’re finished.

6 – Learn How to Interact with Your Viewers

To accept on-air guests, click the green check mark next to their name. If you don’t want to accept them, click the red X.

To prevent others from calling in, close out open on-air seats by clicking on the lock icon. They will still be able to view your blab and ask questions, they just won’t be able to talk.

7 – Close Out Your Blab Properly When You’re Finished

To end a blab, X out everyone else first, then exit yourself otherwise the blab will keep going. This is a safeguard to prevent the blab from ending just because you lose your connection and get kicked off the internet. Therefore, it’s important to X everyone else out first, then yourself.

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